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Phil is affectionately known around the Immoral Productions corporate headquarters as the Mope from Maryland. He sent a compelling story of tragedy and woe. This Iraqi war veteran wrote he wanted more than anything to fuck his fathers all time favorite porn star. You see Phil's dad is on his death bed and Phil promised to make his father proud and do something that will make the old man smile. What can we say we had to make his dream a reality. It is what we do at Fuck A Fan. We are dream-weavers. Making others happy is what we strive do to - 24 hours a day. Phil does not disappoint his father he fucks Amber really good like it was going to be his last shot at redemption. Amber who is not one to praise is so impressed with Philís tool she gives him her number. She even comments how wonderful it is to fuck somebody other than a middle age trick or the typical pretty boy porn talent. Phil is a truly happy fan.
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Half of Fame Porn Star the great Amber Lynn agrees to do the first hand job of her esteemed career with our lucky winner and former Scout Leader Ryan. Amber with her amazing chiseled physique looks like she was designed in a lab by a mad scientist to deliver handjobs to an army of horny mopes. Ryan who is no stranger to being jacked off by an experienced jerk off artist is amazed at the power and strength of Amber Lynnís pecker pulling skills. Watch as Amber Lynn strokes every drop of cum from this lucky handjob winners hard cock.
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